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Medical Grade Skincare

At a cosmetologist's

Different Skin Types

Bespoke facials and masks that recognise and treat your unique skin type

Ageing Skin

Skin is affected by time and poor health, collogen boosting treatments can help


Deeply soothing and relaxing aromatherapy treatments

Damaged Skin

Facials for sun, acne, environmentally damaged skin

Our facials and masks can be booked individually or as part of a Spa Package

Speak to your Asuki therapist for what may suit your needs the best

Who are they?

PCA SKIN was founded in Arizona in 1990 by an aesthetician and developed by a dermatologist

PCA SKIN are the trusted healthcare industry leader in the development of gentle, yet highly effective professional treatments and daily skincare products.

For 33 years, PCA SKIN has pioneered and perfected the science of skin health and their products feature the most scientifically-advanced ingredient profiles for better stability, and above all efficacy.

Most ingredients are 'bio-identical' (naturally made in the body) and are therefore less likely to be rejected.

PCA SKIN has a patented delivery system to enable their products to penetrate deeper through the skin's layers than conventional cosmetic products.

Formulating Philosophy

PCA SKIN use rigorous research and science to develop safe, highly effective products that deliver healthy, beautiful skin, whilst maintaining a deep respect for human health and the environment.

The range is cruelty free as all finished products are tested in clinical trials with patients in their medical practice. PCA SKIN do not perform or condone animal testing. They are also officially recognised as 'Reef Safe'

Their broad spectrum SPF products are recommended by 'The Skin Cancer Foundation' for daily use and all products are free of the following allergens:

  • parabens

  • synthetic dyes

  • synthetic fragrances

  • mineral oil

  • petroleum

  • lanolin

  • phthalates



Therapeutic Blackberry Mask

A unique exfoliating and detoxifying mask for all skin types

Produces a smoother, more luminous complexion


Japanese White Charcoal Mask

Absorbs oil and impurities and balances the skin


Great for oily, acne and problematic skin but is safe for all skin types


Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask

Strongest mask in the range which exfoliates rough and textured skin


Perfect for sun-damaged and aging skin leaving a healthy complexion


Therapeutic Oat Milk Mask

Soothes and hydrates impaired skin conditions


Perfect for sensitive skin and improves the skin's appearance


Therapeutic Papaya Mask

Appropriate for all skin types this mask brightens a dull complexion

Leaves skin with a healthy glow


Post Mask/Peel Treatment

This advanced treatment is gentle yet powerful and is used alongside masks or liquid peels


Enhances radiance providing bright, glowing and strengthened skin


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