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Reclaim your sparkle, your shine and shimmer, with a luxury facial in Huddersfield that uses enriched, nourishing oils, lotions and creams.

Our replenishing facials are just what you need when your skin is feeling dry, looking a little lifeless and in need of an overall pick-me-up.

Joining us in-spa is the luxury brand, Natural Spa Factory. We’re proud to offer sumptuous facials using their range of revitalising lotions and cleansers to restore clarity and a natural glow.

Facial Treatment

Eden Treatment

This precious facial treatment includes a refreshing, luxury facial mask which revives dull skin, retains moisture and leaves skin feeling smooth, radiant and beautiful skin. It's soft structure, is a true renewal booster. It provides firming effects leaving you with a youthful glow.

60 minutes

VMJ-Holistics-Shoot-2-Full-Res-051 Indian Head Massage.jpeg

Time Expert

A powerful all round anti-aging facial

Enhance firmness, revitalisation and improve skin pigment with this age defence facial experience.

Relaxing yet results driven, this facial helps restore a youthful feel to your skin.

60 minutes

Image by Rosa Rafael

Destress Facial

Relaxing, revitalising and focused on regenerating tired and stressed skin, the Destress facial will soothe your face to another level of radiance. Using a variety of natural vitamins and nutrients your skin will feel refreshed, glowing and ready to go again!

Accompanied with a shoulder massage the destress facial is available with various time lengths. 

VJW-Holistic-Therapies-160-Web-Ready Hot Stones Massage.jpeg

You're worth it x

The perfect 'pick me up' facial to refresh, hydrate and clear your skin. Relax and indulge in the pampered pleasure your skin and mind deserve.

30 minutes

Also available as part of your Spa Package

Speak with a therapist to develop a bespoke spa package that suits your needs

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